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Experience Panel - Addiction, Sobriety, and Firearms

March 4, 2021

Here at The Liberal Gun Club, we were very pleased to have recently hosted one of our popular Experience Panels, this one focused on the topic of substance abuse, addiction, recovery, sobriety, and how it all relates to firearms. 

This is an important topic that the firearms community has seemed all too willing to simply ignore despite its proven connection to mental health, suicide, and violent crime. 

We were happy we could begin to break the ice, open up the conversation, and provide resources to anyone who thinks they may have a problem with substance abuse. 

Join members Paul Kronk, Mawenzi, and Will Hancock (a.k.a. Sapper Gentleman), as they discuss their own battles with substance abuse, their personal paths to sobriety, and the joys of being a sober firearms owner. 

Also joining them is Eddie Davenport, LGC member, competitive shooting national champion, and social worker finishing up a master’s in social work focused on substance abuse and clinical counseling.

There is a list of resources provided by the panelists and other member of the club on our blog at

If you think you or a loved one may have a problem with substance abuse, the help you need is out there.

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